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Nursing home abuse can be devastating. If your loved one experienced this, you have every right to be upset. You have every right to feel hurt and angry.

In Fact, You May Feel:
  • Furious. Those responsible need to be held accountable.
  • Betrayed. You trusted them, and they took advantage of it.
  • Heartbroken. Your loved one deserved better.

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As more of our parents enter nursing homes, reports of neglect, abuse, and exploitation continue to increase.  Our elderly parents are often unable care for themselves – especially if they have Alzheimer’s or other dimentia – and unfortunately this makes them prime candidates for a variety of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Our Texas nursing home abuse lawyers know that elder abuse can be physical, emotional, or even sexual. A victim’s reaction can range from withdrawal to violence. There are a number of signs and symptoms that indicate abuse or neglect.

Nursing Home Lawyer Jeff Rasansky

Jeff Rasansky,
Nursing Home Lawyer

Signs That May Indicate Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

It is important to monitor your loved one’s situation when they are in a nursing home.  There are many signs and symptoms that you should look for if you suspect that they are being abused or neglected.  If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect, call us immediately.  We will gladly reveiew your case for free.


Take note if your loved one becomes extremely lethargic, withdrawn, and/or depressed. Such reactions are not uncommon in abuse situations. Check your loved one’s personal hygiene and the condition of his or her room. Pay close attention to whether he or she seems malnourished or dehydrated. Look at his or her skin, and take note of whether pressure sores (or bed sores) have developed. But, most importantly, listen to your loved one. Take all complaints of abuse or neglect seriously. 


Falls in Nursing Homes are Preventable

Nursing Home Falls Are Preventable.

Watch Out For These Warning Signs:

Physical Abuse

  • Frequent injuries such as bruises, cuts, black eyes or burns.
  • Frequent complaints of pain without obvious injury.
  • Passive, withdrawn, or emotionless behavior.
  • Lack of reaction to pain.
  • Reports of physical abuse.


  • Obvious malnutrition (unexplained weight loss) and dehydration.
  • Lack of personal cleanliness.
  • Habitually dressed in torn or dirty clothes.
  • Constantly hungry.
  • In need of medical/dental care.
  • Left unattended for long periods of time.
  • Reports of neglect.

Nursing Home Neglect Can Lead To Falls

Nursing home falls can lead to serious injury or even death. Consult with a nursing home abuse attorney if you think negligence led to your loved one’s accident.

Causes of Nursing Home

Two-thirds of accident related deaths in the elderly are the result of falls. As our beloved parents and relatives age, the likelihood for a harmful injury increases. Enrolling your loved on in a nursing home is an excellent step to take to protect his or her safety.

But falls still occur in nursing homes.

Causes of Nursing Home Falls Include:
  • Late night restroom visits unaided by staff.
  • Being left unattended.
  • Uneven / slippery floors and poorly lit corridors.

Often, nursing home staff members are aware of the unique needs your loved one has. Unfortunately, many times they ignore their responsibility – and the result can be a devastating injury to your parent.

The damages from falls can be fatal. A broken hip can easily result in the death of an elderly individual. Poor medical care during recovery may lead to bed sores and even gangrene. If a nursing home’s negligence led to your loved one’s suffering, hold them accountable. Let the Rasansky Law Firm help.

Excruciating Bed Sores Are Preventable.

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“In general, nursing home residents have higher rates of bed sores than people who are hospitalized or cared for at home.”

Bed Sores in Nursing Homes are Preventable

Bed Sores and Gangrene Are Unacceptable.

The suffering caused by preventable bed sores is unacceptable. If your your parent or loved one developed pressures sores because of a nursing home’s negligence, you have every right to be furious.

Not only are bed sores painful, they can lead to dangerous infections – such as Cellulitis. Even worse, the open wounds characteristic of advanced bed sores can allow bacteria into the bloodstream. This condition, commonly referred to as Sepsis, can cause your loved on to go into shock and suffer organ failure. If the root cause was a nursing home’s negligence, justice should be served.

Often, the neglect of your loved one started long before the bed sores developed. For example, a beloved mother may awaken in the night and call for someone to help her reach the restroom. If her call is ignored, she may try and go by herself. Like so many others, she may slip and fall. If the injury from the fall is severe (a broken hip, perhaps), her recovery will require her to be bedridden. During this period of immobility, the same neglect that contributed to her fall may result in her developing bed sores.

Our Texas nursing home abuse lawyers have heard tragic stories similar to this one from clients around the country. If this sounds like yours, take action. Your loved one deserved to be treated better. Be her advocate. Demand justice.

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