Nursing home negligence claims can be complex and expensive. For that reason, you should speak with an attorney with experience handling nursing care neglect claims. You should also ensure the law firm you retain has the financial resources to see a claim through from start to finish. You do not want to find yourself prematurely settling a claim for less than its value merely because your attorney no longer has the financial resources to pursue your claim.

Anybody who suspects nursing home abuse has a legal
obligation to report their concerns…

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Located in Dallas, Texas, and handling nursing home injury claims throughout Texas and the United States, the Rasansky Law Firm has the resources and experience to provide you with the quality representation you need.

Our team of lawyers will give you leverage to deal with a nursing home and its insurance company. Our founder, Jeff Rasansky has extensive experience aggressively pursuing nursing home neglect claims, including nursing home negligence claims based on abuse or the failure of nursing home staff to perform their duties. Jeff Rasansky has prior experience representing businesses and their insurance companies, and he now uses that experience to the advantage of our clients.

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There is no sure way to find a nursing home unless you can personally vouch for the quality of care from a personal and intricate inspection of the home. Make an effort to visit the facility several times and at different times of the day. Pay close attention to how the staff behaves when dealing with patients. Observe the residents and take note if they seem happy or uptight. Examine the nursing home itself and determine whether it looks and smells clean, and if the patients are likewise well-groomed. For further assistance, ask a family member or friend for a recommendation or use an established nursing home finder service.

If you have uncovered physical signs of abuse or neglect then it is time to take action.  A nursing home that knows of and tolerates abuse cannot be reasoned with or trusted.  You have four options. One, you can approach the nursing home administrator. Two, you can contact the state department that handles nursing homes and file a complaint. Three, you can contact the police department. Four, you can contact a nursing home abuse lawyer and explain what happened. The fourth option is the most advisable, because if you work through a lawyer, you may be able to claim some compensation for medical bills, nursing home transfer and pain and suffering.
The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 clearly defined the rights of nursing home patients.  Elderly patients deserve the right to freedom from abuse and neglect. Specifically, this includes freedom from physical restraints, consistent invasion of privacy, medical neglect, undignified handling by a staff member, abuse of the patient’s funds, unauthorized altering of a healthcare plan and discrimination or reprisal for voicing grievances.

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