Nursing Home ReputationBefore you check a loved one into a nursing home, you have an obligation to look into the quality and reputation of the facility. Nursing home abuse and neglect are very real problems. Oftentimes, the facilities which are guilty of the most egregious instances of abuse and neglect have a track record of underperforming in several key areas. Here are some of the situations that you want to look for when you are trying to figure out whether or not a particular nursing home is suitable for your loved one.

Patients Getting Sicker

When people get older, they sometimes end up checking into a nursing home for a limited amount of time so that they can recover from a surgery or an illness. The goal is to eventually let the person go home after they have recovered. Some nursing homes function as sort of a medical “black hole.” Anybody who goes in almost never comes out. This is a big sign of abuse, neglect, or both.

In a nursing home that is functioning properly, patients will be given all of the care they need to help them recover. It will be the facility’s goal and each employee’s goal to help that patient recover as quickly as possible, to receive top-quality care, and to get out of the facility as soon as they possibly can. If the facility seems to never let go of patients, it may be because those patients aren’t being given the kind of care that they actually need – and that is a big warning sign.

Unhappy Patients

ALWAYS visit the nursing home before you check your loved one in. Take a look at the patients. Do they seem happy? Do they seem like they are getting good care? Does the staff seem attentive, committed and knowledgeable? If none of these things are true, then there may be a problem. If the patients seems like they are being neglected, if a lot of them have a bad odor about them, as if they haven’t been washed in a long time or they seem to all be lying around in their beds and getting no activity, I strongly suggest considering a different facility.

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